Learning to Lead - Tips from a hotel managing director [interview]


In Back of House Banter, GuestRevu's Amy Branford chats with leading hoteliers and other hospitality industry leaders about their careers, life lessons, and aspirations. This four-part series is all about Liutauras “LV” Vaitkevicius' journey from bartender to managing director, and what he has learnt along the way about dedication, balance, teamwork, and true hospitality. 

Part 1: Getting started in hospitality


In the first episode, we hear about the early hospitality exploits of LV, and how he went from being a bartender to Managing Director at The Zetter Group.


Part 2: Balancing work and home life


Balancing work and family life is hard, as dad and Managing Director at The Zetter Group, LV, well knows – but that’s no excuse not to be dedicated to both. In this episode of Back of House Banter, LV and Amy discuss the intricacies of maintaining work-life balance in a demanding industry like hospitality. 


Part 3: Being part of the team


From implementing new technology while working remotely to keeping dress codes casual, LV discusses what it means to be part of a motivated and meaningful team.


Part 4: The essence of hospitality


Since Covid, the hospitality industry has embraced technology like never before, but what is the role of tech and what is the role of the human? Can the right balance help you provide genuine, heartfelt hospitality to your guests?

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