Building a dream hotel team with Daniel [interview]


In Back of House Banter, GuestRevu's Amy Branford chats with leading hoteliers and other hospitality industry leaders about their careers, life lessons, and aspirations. In this four-part episode, Daniel Thompson shares his remarkable journey from a young greengrocer's apprentice to the General Manager of the award-winning Mullion Cove Hotel.

When building a successful hospitality career, or a successful team (and Daniel has done both) hospitality has its own set of unique requirements. Daniel chats with Amy about his unique approach to team management, emphasising the importance of valuing and respecting staff. They also discuss how attitude often outweighs qualifications, in hospitality, and the misconception that hospitality is a temporary job. But, Daniel showcases the fulfilling and prosperous long-term opportunities it offers. Join us in this series to discover the diverse, rewarding, and inspiring world of hospitality.

Part 1: Meet the grocer’s lad who became a GM

Daniel discovered his love of food when he began working for the local greengrocer in his early teens, and cheffing seemed to be something he just couldn't shake off. In this episode of Back of House Banter, Daniel tells Amy how he still occasionally helps out in the restaurant of the award-winning Mullion Cove Hotel he now runs.

Part 2: Looking after your staff

Daniel knows each and every member of his staff, and their children and horses too! In this episode of Back of House Banter, Daniel explains to Amy that creating a dream team means valuing and respecting your staff as people and individuals, and never letting one bad apple spoil the cart.

Part 3: Hiring in hospitality


In this episode of Back of House Banter, Amy and Daniel discuss what it takes to have a successful career in hospitality. In Daniel’s experience, someone’s attitude is often more important than their qualifications, and in hospitality careers communication skills are crucial. With the right combination of soft skills and hard work, though, hospitality is an industry where anyone from any background can make it to the top. 

Part 4: Hospitality as a ‘real’ career


Is working in hospitality just for skint students? Many people see hospitality as just a stepping stone or an in-between job, but in this episode of Back of House Banter, Daniel discusses the benefits of a long-term career in hospitality. For Daniel (and many others) hospitality has proven to be a fulfilling and prosperous career, offering opportunities for personal growth, travel, and diverse experiences – not to mention not necessarily requiring a university degree!


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