Service tickets: Changing the way you manage your property

Knowing what improvements and repairs need to be made, and doing them quickly, is essential if you want to keep your guests happy. But hospitality professionals have a lot on their plates and can’t be everywhere at once, which means that it can be easy for small details to slip through the cracks.


This is where service tickets come in handy. A new addition to the GuestRevu product, this ticketing system helps you to keep track of your property – from maintenance and housekeeping, to F&B and front of house, and so much more.

Service tickets make task delegation and tracking in your business much easier, as tasks can be:

  • Assigned to any user under your GuestRevu account
  • Designated a due date
  • Tracked through email reminders
  • Tracked within the app itself

You can assign watchers, who will be informed if the task is reassigned to someone else, or if it isn’t resolved by its due date. This means uppoer management can rest assured that relevant heads of department will instantly be informed, and be able to follow up with the relevant staff member.

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Much like GuestRevu’s existing alerts, service tickets can be automatically created when a guest survey response meets criteria you set, and you can also create your own service tickets as you need them. If an issue is brought to light in a review, you can create a service ticket directly from the review so that you can bring the problem to the attention of the relevant staff members. If you would like to create a service ticket that is not based on a review, you can do this from the service tickets dashboard.

Picture a housekeeping team who comes across a leaking pipe, for example. They’re not able to fix it themselves, but they could create a service ticket, bring the issue to the attention of a staff member in charge of maintenance, and assign the GM as the watcher. This way, you immediately know which staff member caught the problem, when it was discovered, and how long it took to be resolved. You can also set a deadline for the task to be completed by, and trust that if it’s taking longer than it should, it will be escalated to the relevant manager to pinpoint where further problems lie.

If you come across a particularly wonderful quote in one of your online reviews, or in a guest feedback survey, you can create a service ticket and assign it to your marketing team, making sure that it gets shared on your social media platforms. This can even be done within the application itself, thanks to the social sharing tool.

Perhaps a guest noticed a small detail that your teams hadn’t noticed yet, like a creaking bed, or a loose tile. You can make sure that the problem is resolved by creating a service ticket straight from the online review or from the guest’s survey response, and can make sure that the next guest to stay in the room won’t discover the same problem.

Service tickets are here to help you in the day-to-day running of your property. Their uses are endless, and we’re sure that you’ll find the best way to implement them for your team.

Like the sound of service tickets?

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