Personable PR with Paula - becoming a hospitality tech thought leader [interview]


In Back of House Banter, GuestRevu's Amy Branford chats with leading hoteliers and other hospitality industry leaders about their careers, life lessons, and aspirations. Joining Amy in this five-part series is Paula Carreirão, an influential thought leader in hospitality. Having worked both as a hotel GM and a marketer for hotel technology, she has plenty of lessons to share from her hospitality, marketing and life experiences. 

Part 1: Taking the plunge

Changing your career path is a scary prospect, but it can be done! In this episode, Paula Carreirão explains how (and why) she left a well-established career as a hotel general manager to try her hand at content marketing, eventually becoming a thought leader in hospitality tech. 


Part 2: Rising to the challenge

Paula has never been one to shy away from a challenge or opportunity (or both). In this episode, she shares how she goes about preparing for and jumping into new challenges.  


Part 3: Building a personal brand

From sharing both charisma and knowledge to figuring out the boundaries between personal and professional, building a personal brand is all a balancing act. Paula shares her ideas for walking this tightrope. 


Part 4: Mental health matters

Now that the world is settling down somewhat after the pandemic, Paula reflects on what she learned about mental health – not from her psychology degree, but from her own experiences – and Amy reminds us all that there are people and places we can reach out to for help. 

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Part 5: Inspirational figures and the future

When you're building a personal brand, having people to guide and inspire you is vital. But, as Paula points out in this episode of Back of House Banter, being kind to others is often the most important part of this.

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