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New Year's resolutions for hoteliers

12 January, 2016
New Year’s resolutions – almost everyone makes them and hardly anyone keeps them, but as a businessman or woman, a new ...
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Quick and easy social media for hotels over high season

15 December, 2015
There are several long-term approaches to social media and plenty of theory behind it that will deepen your ...
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How high season guest reviews will help your hotel all year

8 December, 2015
High season means high numbers of guests and the potential for high numbers of reviews, but why should you care about ...
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Direct booking tips: Get your hotel's website design right

25 November, 2015
A WIHP study in 2013 found that 20% of direct bookings with hotels were as a result of the traveller having seen the ...
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7 tips for getting more direct bookings

18 November, 2015
You love that online travel agencies (OTAs) like booking.com and TripAdvisor bring business in, but you hate that you ...
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