What being best in the world has meant for us in 2019

In a world where accolades are handed out like candy at a supermarket, it would be easy to think that awards mean little. But every now and then an award comes along that really means something, and I’ve found those to be the ones based on the feedback from those who support your company and offering.




As a company that inherently understands and actively promotes the value of customer feedback, I was particularly proud when I learned in January 2019 that reviews from our clients had resulted in GuestRevu being listed as Best Direct Feedback Solution and Best Reputation Management Solution worldwide in the HotelTechAwards.

These awards were a fitting testament to the hard work that each and every GuestRevu team member had put into our product and customer service, and reading the praise in our reviews was utterly heart-warming. But those moments are short-lived — there was still work to be done.

GuestRevu is not a company to rest on its laurels. Every piece of advice, every recommendation that we received, all the compliments, highlights and praise, were noted and added to our plans and roadmap. And while we will always have improvements to make, we have made great strides since being named the best in the world.




Hotel Tech Report Reviews From Our Clients - GuestRevu from Lara Salomon


We have upgraded and updated the solutions that won us the 2019 HotelTechAwards, reflecting the changes that were requested. We have added features, enhanced functionality, and shown thousands of users a brand new GuestRevu that can save them valuable time and provide them with essential insights into their guest experiences. And at every step of the way, we have looked to our amazing client-base for advice on what they would like to see next, and how their lives in hospitality can be made even easier.

With 2020’s HotelTechAwards having opened at the beginning of September, I truly believe that GuestRevu is in a strong position to hold our title as best in the world, and I hope that you feel the same way.