New Features with Tripadvisor Integration Boost Clients’ Engagement with Guests

GuestRevu is always adapting and enhancing with the right companies to provide a world class guest feedback and online reputation management solution for the hospitality industry.

At GuestRevu we are very proud of our Platinum Partnership with Tripadvisor, which is why we are so excited to tell you about the new API integration that’s in the system, and what that means for GuestRevu Clients.

New Features with Tripadvisor Integration Boost Clients’ Engagement with Guests

Hoteliers may have mixed feelings about Tripadvisor, but as the biggest online review platform worldwide, can you afford to ignore it? Whether you respond to the reviews or not, the reviews provide important insights into the guests journey. When these reviews are consolidated and reported, trends become apparent and operational changes can be made, ensuring the properties’ continued success.   

What's new 


They say a picture can speak a thousand words, and we agree. That is why you will now be able to see the images on your Tripadvisor page from within your GuestRevu account. Associating images with the Tripadvisor user gives you more information about the guest and their experience with you. This also allows the marketing teams to understand which features, food or experiences are standing out to guests and can be reflected in marketing campaigns.

Tripadvisor User Profiles

Many things can affect a guest's stay or experience, and sometimes we need more information to understand points that a guest has raised, how many reviews they have left and in what categories - even the number of TripAdvisor badges the guest has, is now all visible in their GuestRevu profile. Navigating to the Tripadvisor user page has never been easier, so you can read reviews the users have left for other properties, and get a feel for the person behind the review. It can help determine if the review was unjust in any way, especially if you believe the user seems to continually focus on negative points with all the reviews they leave. 

Richer Guest Profile 

Richer profile data allows us to match reviews effectively, when having a large repeat guest base. Any Tripadvisor reviews a guest has left on previous stays will be collated on the guest’s profile within GuestRevu. This means that you can see any changes in the way they rate your property from one stay to the next. Adding this in with the survey scores gives you a rich understanding of that particular guest, and so you can personalise their future stays based on previous scores. 

GuestRevu provides technological solutions for hoteliers to manage their guest feedback data and their online reputation, quicker and easier. Working with Tripadvisor to bridge the communication gap that often lies between guests and hoteliers, means that travel experiences will continuously improve for guests, and creating those seamless experiences is getting easier for our clients as we keep upgrading our technology.