Industry leaders come together for challenges for charity

On Friday 29 May (also known as “doomsday” to those that took part) some hospitality industry tech leaders came together to do a number of different off-the-wall internet challenges. These unlucky participants all agreed to take part in order to give everyone in the industry a well-deserved laugh, and in aid of Hospitality Action

Virtual Hospitality Challenge - BLOG

It has been inspiring seeing leaders from so many different hospitality tech companies take time to come together in a unique and fun way to show solidarity for an  industry we all love being part of. 

Francine, regional sales manager for EMEA at OTA Insight, really summed it up when we asked why she was taking part. “Our clients have been amongst the hardest hit by Covid-19 and yet, they've been the first to step up to help by offering accommodation and food to those who need it,” said Francine “This seems a small gesture in comparison, but I hope it lets our hospitality colleagues know that we're here for them.” 

If you want to find out what challenges we decided on, you can watch the video, but what I will say is that each and every one of us taking part did have a moment where we wondered if this was a good idea! This “what have I got myself in for” feeling increased further as the challenge nominations from colleagues and the industry at large started coming in via social media!

Despite the potential for bodily (and career) harm posed by some of the challenges, it was well worth it. As Julie Grieve, CEO and founder of Criton said, “It’s time to give back, and Hospitality Action do amazing work to support our hospitality colleagues who are struggling during the Covid-19 crisis both with grants and with ongoing mental health support.”

Before you scroll on to find the video and enjoy watching our faces as we suffer, I would like to thank each of the brave willing sacrifices (AKA #hospitalitylunaticleaders): 

Amy Branford (GuestRevu)
Lisa Bluett (Protel)
Gavin Came (Save My Spot)
Sarah Came (GuestRevu)
Sophie Cartwright (Guestline)
Suzie Groves (GuestRevu)
Julie Grieve (Criton)
Francine Heywood (OTA Insight)
Ian Lumsden (Protel)
Eben Marais (Protel
Jamie McBride (For-Sight)
David Swanepoel (GuestRevu)
Rodrigo Teixerira (Asksuite)

If you want to get to the know the challengers better, have a look at why each of us got involved in the slideshare below

Over 60 people joined us to watch the live stream on Facebook and over 900 people have viewed the recording of the event since. Donations continue to increase which is wonderful, thank you to everyone that has donated so far. If you enjoy watching the video and would like to donate you can do so via our JustGiving page here.


Thank you to everyone who took part and to everyone who has donated so far! If you enjoyed the video and would like to see a Christmas special, let us know in the comments!