Honest guest reviews help your hotel

Honest guest reviews allow hoteliers to make improvements to their offeringsSteve Kaufer’s (CEO of TripAdvisor) recent strongly worded letter to owners of TripAdvisor listed properties has probably given some people quite a few grey hairs, not least of all those who are involved in fraudulent “optimisation companies”.

There are companies and individuals that claim that they can manipulate your TripAdvisor score by posting positive reviews and removing negative ones. These are the dishonest, fraudulent and unethical companies of which Kaufer speaks.

Of course, everyone wishes that all their guests only ever have positive experiences, but how can you improve your offerings if you never hear any of the negative feedback from real travellers? After all, even if you hide the negative reviews online, you’re not going to stop an unhappy guest from telling their friends and family about their experience in person, still damaging your reputation, but leaving you in the dark.

At GuestRevu we believe that hiding negative online reviews does not do anyone any favours, not the review site, not the traveller, not the host, and therefore not GuestRevu. We endeavour to increase the number of properties' TripAdvisor reviews, regardless of sentiment. It is because of this that we are recognised as a Platinum TripAdvisor partner.

We believe that negative feedback is as important as positive feedback, and we do not seek to sway, manipulate or distort any guest feedback in any way. Our goal is to encourage guests to provide their hosts with feedback that can help them to improve their offerings.

Not all guests feel comfortable giving their hosts negative feedback in person, and the only other avenue that is usually offered to them is to post their experiences and opinions on review sites, which are primarily aimed at other travellers.

Letting guests think that you don’t care about their experience with you or letting them brood on a negative experience will increase the chances that they will vent their frustrations on review sites like TripAdvisor. Rather, give guests the opportunity to tell you directly what they thought of your property and services after they have left your property.

By providing guests with a detailed questionnaire after their time with you, you will receive honest and invaluable feedback, and you also show them that you care about whether they enjoyed themselves or not. The same questionnaire also gives guests the opportunity to post their honest ratings and reviews straight to TripAdvisor, but they will be posting objectively, not out of frustration.

By receiving, recognising and acting upon negative feedback, you are given the opportunity to rectify problems and improve the quality of future guests’ stays with you. In this way you will end up with more positive reviews because your guests had more positive experiences, not because you’re okay with a bit of fraud here and there.

You can see Steve Kaufer’s full letter here.

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