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    Lisa Came

    With around 10 years hospitality management and marketing experience, Lisa has an intimate knowledge of the hospitality industry. She is dedicated to keeping up to date with industry trends and providing useful and relevant information for hoteliers.

    Manage negative guest reviews with the 4 Rs

    Reviews come in all shapes and sizes, so to speak. While you probably love getting the warm and fuzzy positive reviews that spur you on to work another day in the crazy world of hospitality, you also have to contend with gut-punch negative...

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    Get found by your guests - SEO tips for hoteliers

    One surefire way to improve any hotel’s bottom line is to increase direct bookings – any booking that comes directly to the hotel via its website, email/phone call or walk-in. The benefits of direct bookings are twofold: first, you avoid...

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    Hilarious hotel antics - and how to avoid them

    You only have to have been working in the hospitality industry for a very short time before you have a hilarious dinner time story to tell. Usually it’s something a guest has said or done, or something that has gone completely wrong from...

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