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Review collection with TripAdvisor’s partners

23 March, 2016
TripAdvisor is the world’s largest travel site, and, as such, cannot be ignored by serious hoteliers. Having an active ...
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What do your hotel’s competitors know about you?

2 March, 2016
Gone are the days when hoteliers had to physically visit their competitors’ establishments or send their friends over ...
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Is ORM enough? Why you also need direct guest feedback

26 January, 2016
By now, almost every hotelier is doing online reputation management (ORM) of some sort, even if that only means ...
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Practical tips for collecting guest emails

19 January, 2016
Collecting email addresses from people, like any other personal information, is becoming increasingly difficult. People ...
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Direct booking tips: Embrace the online travel agent

5 January, 2016
You can get more direct bookings by enhancing your presence on online travel agencies (OTAs). It sounds odd, doesn’t ...
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Quick and easy social media for hotels over high season

15 December, 2015
There are several long-term approaches to social media and plenty of theory behind it that will deepen your ...
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How high season guest reviews will help your hotel all year

8 December, 2015
High season means high numbers of guests and the potential for high numbers of reviews, but why should you care about ...
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Why online reputation management isn’t optional

1 December, 2015
Online reputation management (ORM) used to be a rather obscure term, mainly just something for massive hotel chains to ...
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Direct booking tips: Get your hotel's website design right

25 November, 2015
A WIHP study in 2013 found that 20% of direct bookings with hotels were as a result of the traveller having seen the ...
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Putting a stop to fake reviews

23 November, 2015
Word-of-mouth referrals have always been the best kind of advertising any business can ask for and, in the digital age, ...
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