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Why measuring guest feedback is essential for hotel groups

12 January, 2017
Managing any business across different branches and locations is no easy task, and a hotel group is no exception. As ...
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How to win bookings based on Google’s ‘Traveler's Road to Decision’

5 January, 2017
As we begin the new year, hoteliers will probably be thinking of new ways to get eyes on their hotel websites and more ...
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Is it time for an upgrade? Use your reviews to back you up

8 December, 2016
The new year brings with it a sense of revival. New budgets are forecast and plans devised to make the year ahead a ...
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Using online information to define and refine your competitive edge for 2017

24 November, 2016
The tourism trade contributed about US$7.2 trillion to the global economy in 2015, and with so much wealth at stake, ...
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Three ways to use your competitive intelligence (and make the most of your budget)

10 November, 2016
Online travel agents, social media and review sites are fantastic places for prospective travellers to scout for ...
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What luxury travellers want, and how to attract them

3 November, 2016
While the wealthiest 5% of travellers might not be particularly numerous, their purchasing power means that it is well ...
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Lessons from OTAs on Converting Users

28 October, 2016
In the modern travel market, online travel agents have successfully retained the lion's share of online travel bookings ...
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Ratings or reviews – learning to read between the lines

20 October, 2016
Have you ever noticed that there is often some disconnect between a rating you received from a guest in an online ...
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4 Excellent Examples of Hotel Brands Embracing User-Generated Content

13 October, 2016
The internet in its modern iteration allows ordinary users to create and upload content for anyone with internet access ...
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A writer's guide to effective website copy for hotels

29 September, 2016
We’ve recently been covering how, as hotels, you can get your guests to do your marketing for you, but if your website ...
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