Eviivo and GuestRevu announce new integration

In the dynamic landscape of the hospitality industry, operational efficiency is paramount. Recognising this, GuestRevu and eviivo are pleased to announce the recent integration between the two systems, offering hoteliers a streamlined solution to foster enhanced reputation management, guest communication and personalisation.


eviivo stands out as a comprehensive Property Management Platform, providing hoteliers with a singular resource for managing various aspects of hotel operations, encompassing property management, bookings, channel management, payment processing, and guest management. The collaboration between GuestRevu and eviivo empowers eviivo clients to gather detailed and valuable guest feedback and information.

The integration allows the automatic sharing of guest data from hotels’ eviivo accounts with GuestRevu. Through the interface, hotel guests automatically receive customised emails after check-out, encouraging them to provide feedback directly to the hotel while also facilitating the option to post reviews directly on Tripadvisor. This integration aims to elevate personalisation, foster guest loyalty, and significantly enhance overall guest satisfaction.

According to a survey conducted by eviivo, “Guest reviews are one of the top three factors in choosing a stay for today’s travellers”. The integration with GuestRevu and eviivo's existing Guest Manager makes it easy for mutual clients to bolster their online reputations and leverage positive reviews to maximise bookings.

“We are excited about this partnership with eviivo, it’s great to find companies who share the same commitment to providing excellent service and consolidated solutions. This integration allows eviivo clients access to an award-winning guest feedback technology in addition to the already expansive list of eviivo offerings,” explains GuestRevu Founder and CEO, Chris Alexandre. “Gaining quality guest feedback will assist them in making more informed operational decisions and help them to effectively manage their online reputations.”

Through this partnership, both companies underscore their commitment to providing excellent service and consolidated solutions for hoteliers. 

About GuestRevu
GuestRevu provides award-winning guest feedback and online reputation management tools tailor-made for the hospitality industry, enabling hoteliers worldwide to gain a deeper, guest-focused understanding of operational strengths and weaknesses, monitor and manage their online reputation and reviews, and improve guest satisfaction. Listening to and learning from guests enables hoteliers to drive more direct bookings, build lasting loyalty and ultimately increase revenue. As a Tripadvisor Platinum Review Collection Partner, GuestRevu also gives clients the opportunity to boost their online reviews and ratings on the world’s largest review site.

About eviivo
eviivo’s mission is to empower owners and hosts in the independent accommodation sector to do what they love, be remarkable hosts and provide their guests unforgettable experiences. eviivo’s award-winning, cloud-based booking and property management platform, eviivo Suite, “the original all-in-one booking suite,” provides hosts and owners of independent hotels, B&Bs, vacation rentals, villas, urban rentals and property management companies with a simple way to manage guests, bookings and travel agencies through its powerful technology.