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The end of the professional critic (and why you need to get over it)

18 January, 2018
Remember the days of the professional critic? You’d have the perfect room picked out — the pride of your hotel — and it ...
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Show me the numbers — why GuestRevu is the right choice for you

11 January, 2018
Choosing the perfect guest feedback and online reputation management partner is no walk in the park. There are a lot of ...
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How smart hotel marketers get the most out of guest feedback and online reviews

21 December, 2017
Everyone and their aunt can do marketing. All you need is a Facebook account, right? Maybe throw a tweet or two in ...
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Keep your edge online and off: how top UK hotel operator uses guest intelligence tech

23 November, 2017
When the Coaching Inn Group set its sights on being the best independent operator of regional hotels in the country, ...
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Why you should never block a bad review (and what to do instead)

16 November, 2017
No one likes to get a bad review online. The sinking feeling when you see a one or two out of five rating and the harsh ...
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Three steps to a sterling online reputation for your restaurant

21 September, 2017
These days, anyone with a smartphone, internet connection and an opinion is a potential food critic, heaping kindness ...
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Hotel valuations and online reputations: Interview with Nam Quach

10 August, 2017
Your online reputation won’t only affect your bookings – but your hotel’s value too. Nam Quach tells us how and ...
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Tour operators: it’s time to manage guest feedback online

3 August, 2017
As a tour operator, you sell “once in a lifetime” experiences to travellers, most of whom are often new guests. This ...
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Trend digest – guest personalisation in the hotel industry

1 June, 2017
Personalisation is one of the main buzzwords dominating the hospitality industry in 2017. With hoteliers now better ...
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The guests have spoken as the 2017 BoHo Awards winners are announced

25 May, 2017
The Inaugural Boutique Hotel Guest Experience Awards were held at 2017 Boutique and Lifestyle Hotel Summit 2017 in ...
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