Angels4Angels helps GuestRevu maintain exceptional growth

Angels4Angels has a talent for selecting only the very best opportunities to grow their investors’ wealth, and it quickly spotted the potential in GuestRevu to add significant value to its investment portfolio. We at GuestRevu are therefore delighted to announce that we have completed our first round of equity funding with Angels4Angels.


Angels4Angels, which espouses the maxim “purpose beyond profit”, identifies early-stage entrepreneurial ventures with the potential to contribute to the global economy as well as provide significant returns for its investors.

It then matches these ventures with sector-savvy Lead Investors, which allows Angels4Angels to provide promising enterprises with both financial backing and support from business people with expert knowledge of the relevant industries. Having grown by almost 400% last year and with the potential to continue this growth trajectory, GuestRevu certainly fits the bill for the Angels4Angels portfolio.

“The recipe for success is capturing excellent experienced business people and matching them to relevant ambitious entrepreneurs,” says John Caines, co-founder and director of Angels4Angels. “In the case of GuestRevu we could see a very promising start within a great business model. Our further research convinced us that guest feedback and online reputation management have become essential tools for hoteliers and crucially confirmed the excellence and integrity of its team led by Chris Alexandre and co-director, Francine Heywood.”

With the financial backing that Angels4Angels provides, we will be expanding our development endeavours so as to continue to create innovative and useful software features for our clients.

“Angels4Angels is the ideal partner to help us accelerate our growth, both in terms of customers and revenue as well as our product development portfolio. We are very pleased,” says GuestRevu founder and CEO Chris Alexandre, “This significant step for GuestRevu comes at a time when we are growing strongly, and will have a positive impact on all aspects of our business, and what we can offer our clients.”