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Ratings or reviews – learning to read between the lines

20 October, 2016
Have you ever noticed that there is often some disconnect between a rating you received from a guest in an online ...
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Back to basics: what is online reputation management and why does it matter to hotels

4 August, 2016
Online reputation management is not a new concept – one of the first major online review sites, Epinions, went live ...
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Serviced apartments and the currency of trust

26 July, 2016
Serviced apartments are a growing trend in accommodation, and have been attracting increasing attention and investment. ...
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How to harness the power of your team to get great reviews

12 July, 2016
Having a happy, unified workforce provides a solid foundation on which to build a successful hotel. It creates a ...
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Making big data smart – how to gather insights that will help your hotel

5 July, 2016
How much data on your guest satisfaction, staff performance, and online reputation did you collect last quarter? How ...
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What is a Net Promoter Score, and why does it matter?

7 June, 2016
Never underestimate the power of word of mouth. It can make or break a hotel, and often holds more weight than ...
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How to use your hotel’s reviews: the perks of social proof

10 May, 2016
Guest feedback can be helpful for hoteliers in a number of ways. For example, it can inform your operational decisions, ...
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2016 update to the TripAdvisor Popularity Index algorithm Q&A

5 May, 2016
Following extensive testing and piloting, TripAdvisor announced at the beginning of May 2016 that it has implemented an ...
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Review collection with TripAdvisor’s partners

23 March, 2016
TripAdvisor is the world’s largest travel site, and, as such, cannot be ignored by serious hoteliers. Having an active ...
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What do your hotel’s competitors know about you?

2 March, 2016
Gone are the days when hoteliers had to physically visit their competitors’ establishments or send their friends over ...
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