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Ratings or reviews – learning to read between the lines

20 October, 2016
Have you ever noticed that there is often some disconnect between a rating you received from a guest in an online ...
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4 Excellent Examples of Hotel Brands Embracing User-Generated Content

13 October, 2016
The internet in its modern iteration allows ordinary users to create and upload content for anyone with internet access ...
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Why didn’t my guest’s review get published on TripAdvisor?

6 October, 2016
For hoteliers, a positive review on TripAdvisor is golden. But because the travel giant has a number of stringent rules ...
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A writer's guide to effective website copy for hotels

29 September, 2016
We’ve recently been covering how, as hotels, you can get your guests to do your marketing for you, but if your website ...
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What to do when guests blackmail your hotel with bad reviews

22 September, 2016
While the old saying may claim there’s no such thing as a free lunch, that doesn’t stop some unscrupulous guests from ...
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7 Top Twitter tips for hoteliers

15 September, 2016
By now it’s no secret that social media is an invaluable sidekick when it comes to building a brand and engaging with ...
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Hotel mobile strategies need to be supercharged for 2017

8 September, 2016
2017 is around the corner and it is officially time to stop giving lip service to being ’mobile friendly’ and optimise. ...
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Inspire, intrigue and entice guests with Instagram

1 September, 2016
Once a rather odd idea, using social media to market businesses has become commonplace. The benefits of almost free ...
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The ‘staycation’ is on the rise – are you capitalising on the new trend?

24 August, 2016
For many travellers, volatile exchange rates, changing visa regulations and political instability have contributed to a ...
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TripAdvisor Awards: what are they, and how can you earn them?

23 August, 2016
By earning and nurturing the various accolades that TripAdvisor awards for excellence in hospitality, you’ll be able to ...
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