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The ‘staycation’ is on the rise – are you capitalising on the new trend?

24 August, 2016
For many travellers, volatile exchange rates, changing visa regulations and political instability have contributed to a ...
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TripAdvisor Awards: what are they, and how can you earn them?

23 August, 2016
By earning and nurturing the various accolades that TripAdvisor awards for excellence in hospitality, you’ll be able to ...
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Millennials might have the "cred", but older guests have the cash

18 August, 2016
There is a preoccupation in the current hospitality industry with targeting the millennial guest, and there is no doubt ...
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Guestline partner with GuestRevu to drive guest feedback and boost revenue

16 August, 2016
With online reviews having a significant impact on hotel rates and occupancy, Guestline have partnered with GuestRevu ...
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Hot industry trend: Video marketing for hotels

11 August, 2016
Two years ago, in Think with Google’s report The 2014 Traveler’s Road to Decision, Google called video “the new ...
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Back to basics: what is online reputation management and why does it matter to hotels

4 August, 2016
Online reputation management is not a new concept – one of the first major online review sites, Epinions, went live ...
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Serviced apartments and the currency of trust

26 July, 2016
Serviced apartments are a growing trend in accommodation, and have been attracting increasing attention and investment. ...
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Targeting millennials with Pokémon Go

25 July, 2016
Pokémon has always been a cute little children’s game, but the children who played the first ever Pokémon game on their ...
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The two top 5 Pokémon need-to-knows for hoteliers

25 July, 2016
Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm. The augmented reality game allows players to collect “wild” Pokémon using the ...
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6 ways to turn loyal guests into promoters

19 July, 2016
Many hoteliers wonder “how do I promote my hotel” but very few ask “how do I get my guests to promote my hotel”. We all ...
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