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Are you keeping your guests' personal data safe? Interview with Alan D. Meneghetti

19 October, 2017
Modern technology allows businesses to easily collect, store and use vast amounts of personal data about their ...
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GuestRevu expands its UK presence

12 October, 2017
Following its most recent successful round of funding and exponential growth in the United Kingdom and European ...
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The tightrope between privacy and personalisation for hotels

5 October, 2017
Whether it be the comfort of familiarity or a yearning to be treated as a VIP, now more than ever consumers expect a ...
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Trend digest – Recharging your hotel's human resources

28 September, 2017
In any hospitality business, your human resources are more often than not your number one asset. Your team is on the ...
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Three steps to a sterling online reputation for your restaurant

21 September, 2017
These days, anyone with a smartphone, internet connection and an opinion is a potential food critic, heaping kindness ...
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Technology and the luxury guest experience: Interview with Arun Kumar

14 September, 2017
From his first role on the front lines of guest satisfaction as a room service waiter to management positions at four- ...
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Back to basics: What is a chatbot and does my hotel need one?

7 September, 2017
A chat what? While the term chatbot might still be a foreign term for some hotel owners, this technology is quickly ...
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Trend digest – A guide to online advertising

31 August, 2017
These days, online advertising is often inescapable if you want your hotel to remain relevant and successful.
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6 Must-ask questions to consider before buying a PMS

24 August, 2017
Your property management system (PMS) forms the administrative heart of your hotel, which means choosing the right one ...
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3 Innovative loyalty programs to be inspired by

17 August, 2017
With competition between hotel loyalty programs so fierce today, creativity and innovation are essential if you want to ...
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