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A roadmap to hotel technology: Interview with Robert Holland

14 December, 2017
Technology never stands still, and keeping a finger on the pulse of the latest trends can be a daunting task. And yet, ...
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The blurring of lines between hotels and serviced apartments: interview with Piers Brown

9 November, 2017
The hospitality industry is quickly expanding to include a number of niche sectors, from the traditional boutique hotel ...
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Are you keeping your guests' personal data safe? Interview with Alan D. Meneghetti

19 October, 2017
Modern technology allows businesses to easily collect, store and use vast amounts of personal data about their ...
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Technology and the luxury guest experience: Interview with Arun Kumar

14 September, 2017
From his first role on the front lines of guest satisfaction as a room service waiter to management positions at four- ...
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Hotel valuations and online reputations: Interview with Nam Quach

10 August, 2017
Your online reputation won’t only affect your bookings – but your hotel’s value too. Nam Quach tells us how and ...
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Modern travellers and guest experience: Interview with Kevin Charity

13 July, 2017
Kevin Charity, Founder and CEO of the Coaching Inn Group, is one GuestRevu client who definitely knows his way around ...
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Opening the doors to accessible tourism: Interview with Robin Sheppard

15 June, 2017
If ever there was someone with a natural flair for the hospitality industry, it is Robin Sheppard. He reached the rank ...
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