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GuestRevu expands its UK presence

12 October, 2017
Following its most recent successful round of funding and exponential growth in the United Kingdom and European ...
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Trend digest – Recharging your hotel's human resources

28 September, 2017
In any hospitality business, your human resources are more often than not your number one asset. Your team is on the ...
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Back to basics: What is a chatbot and does my hotel need one?

7 September, 2017
A chat what? While the term chatbot might still be a foreign term for some hotel owners, this technology is quickly ...
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3 Innovative loyalty programs to be inspired by

17 August, 2017
With competition between hotel loyalty programs so fierce today, creativity and innovation are essential if you want to ...
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Trend digest – hotel loyalty programs in 2017

27 July, 2017
A good loyalty program usually forms the backbone of a hotel’s business strategy, but thanks to changing consumer ...
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Opening the doors to accessible tourism: Interview with Robin Sheppard

15 June, 2017
If ever there was someone with a natural flair for the hospitality industry, it is Robin Sheppard. He reached the rank ...
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The guests have spoken as the 2017 BoHo Awards winners are announced

25 May, 2017
The Inaugural Boutique Hotel Guest Experience Awards were held at 2017 Boutique and Lifestyle Hotel Summit 2017 in ...
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Shortlist for the Boutique Hotel Guest Experience Awards announced

9 May, 2017
The data collection period for the 2017 Boutique Hotel Guest Experience Awards (BoHos) has concluded, and the winners ...
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Kevin Charity buys shares in hospitality tech partner, GuestRevu

9 May, 2017
Kevin Charity, Founder and CEO of the Coaching Inn Group, has proven his hospitality industry acumen by growing one of ...
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Trend digest – mobile browsing in the travel sector

27 April, 2017
We’ve seen it coming for years, and it’s finally official – research has shown that mobile is now the preferred medium ...
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