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Making big data smart – how to gather insights that will help your hotel

5 July, 2016
How much data on your guest satisfaction, staff performance, and online reputation did you collect last quarter? How ...
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Facebook’s new 360-degree images open new marketing opportunities for hoteliers

30 June, 2016
If you spend a lot of time on Facebook, you will probably have noticed some clever 360 degree videos and photos popping ...
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Direct booking tips: how to offer more value than an OTA

29 June, 2016
The battle for direct bookings has been escalating over recent months, with large hotel chains going into open, ...
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Facebook features hoteliers need to know about

21 June, 2016
The combination of increasingly technologically-savvy guests and easy-to-use, ubiquitous online travel agents has ...
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New features of GuestRevu software – good news for group managers and perfectionists

31 May, 2016
The hotel industry is constantly evolving, and we like to ensure that the GuestRevu product evolves with it. We are ...
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Hotel industry technology: What hotel widget to use and why

17 May, 2016
Widgets (sometimes called plugins) are an easy way to introduce added functionality to your hotel's website or ...
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How to use your hotel’s reviews: the perks of social proof

10 May, 2016
Guest feedback can be helpful for hoteliers in a number of ways. For example, it can inform your operational decisions, ...
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2016 update to the TripAdvisor Popularity Index algorithm Q&A

5 May, 2016
Following extensive testing and piloting, TripAdvisor announced at the beginning of May 2016 that it has implemented an ...
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Meet your guests in Google’s “moments that matter”

26 April, 2016
What do comedy and marketing have in common? The key is timing. You have to be there for your potential guests at the ...
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Angels4Angels helps GuestRevu maintain exceptional growth

14 April, 2016
Angels4Angels has a talent for selecting only the very best opportunities to grow their investors’ wealth, and it ...
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